Grupo Tal

The brief

Grupo Tal is a leading real estate investment firm based in Costa Rica. With over 20 years of experience in the market, the firm offers comprehensive services for investment, purchase, and sale opportunities in Costa Rica. Their portfolio spans over 15 projects in the most desired areas of Costa Rica, encompassing residential, luxury, and commercial real estate.

Project Description

The Challenge

Despite their success, Grupo Tal recognized the need to leverage advanced technologies like AI to stay competitive and improve their services. They sought an AI solution that could streamline their operations, enhance their market analysis, and provide a more personalized experience for their clients.

The Solution stepped in to provide AI consulting and development services. We worked closely with Grupo Tal to understand their business needs and developed a customized AI strategy.

AI-Powered Market Analysis

We developed an AI tool that constantly monitors the real estate market in Costa Rica. This tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyze market trends and predict future movements, providing Grupo Tal with valuable insights for their investment decisions.

AI-Enhanced Customer Experience

We also implemented an AI-powered chatbot on Grupo Tal’s website. This chatbot can answer customer queries in real-time, provide personalized property recommendations, and even schedule viewings.

AI-Driven Operations

To streamline Grupo Tal’s operations, we developed an AI solution that automates various administrative tasks. This includes everything from managing property listings to tracking investment returns.

The Results

With’s AI solutions, Grupo Tal has seen significant improvements in their operations and customer service. The AI-powered market analysis tool has helped them make more informed investment decisions, while the chatbot has improved customer engagement and satisfaction. The AI-driven operations have also increased efficiency, allowing Grupo Tal to focus more on their core business.


This case study demonstrates how’s AI consulting and development services can help businesses leverage AI to improve their operations and customer service. Whether you’re a real estate firm like Grupo Tal or a business in another industry, we can help you harness the power of AI to drive growth and efficiency.


Working with has been a game-changer for us. Their AI solutions have not only improved our operations but also helped us provide a better service to our clients. We’re excited to continue our AI journey with” – Amelia and Avraham, Grupo Tal

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