How to Use Leonardo AI: A Comprehensive Guide

Leonardo AI is an AI art platform that rivals the quality of Midjourney with its ease of use. In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to use this fantastic platform to create stunning AI-generated art.

Getting Started

To start using Leonardo AI, you need to get whitelisted. Simply enter your email on the platform’s website, and you will eventually get access. The platform offers a certain number of free generations, which is more than most other platforms.

Exploring the Platform

Once you have access, you can explore the platform. There are community images that you can check out for inspiration. The quality of these images is exceptional, with crisp and clean details.

Leonardo AI offers two main features: AI Canvas and AI Image Generation.

AI Canvas

AI Canvas is a space where you can generate images and add to them. It’s a great tool for creating unique and personalized art.

AI Image Generation

AI Image Generation is a simple prompt-based interface with a few options that allow you to create cool images. You can see what has been created recently by the community and get inspiration for prompts.

Creating Images

To create an image, you can choose the number of images you want to generate, the resolution, and the aspect ratio. You can also adjust the guided scale, which determines how closely the generated image adheres to your prompt.

You can also choose to tile your image, which means creating a pattern that can be repeated. This is a great feature for graphic designers who want to create unique patterns.

Another cool feature is the image-to-image option. This allows you to upload an image and use it as a base for the AI to generate a new image.

Choosing a Model

Leonardo AI offers a variety of models for image generation. You can choose from platform models, community models, or create your own. Each model has its unique style and use case, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Generating an Image

Once you have chosen your model and set your options, you can generate your image. Simply enter your prompt, choose your model, and hit generate. The platform will then create your image based on your prompt and the chosen model.

Editing Your Image

After generating your image, you can edit it in the AI Canvas. You can move the image, add to it, or erase parts of it. You can also upscale your image to get a higher resolution version.

Final Thoughts

Leonardo AI is a powerful tool for creating AI-generated art. With its easy-to-use interface and variety of options, it allows you to create unique and personalized art. Whether you are a graphic designer, an artist, or just someone who enjoys creating, Leonardo AI is definitely worth checking out.

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